Atlas Ice provides our customers with Pure and Hygienic Ice

Our ice is produced under stringent quality control environment. This is to ensure the ice is clean, clear and most importantly safe for human consumption.


Over the years, we have been striven to comply and adhere to country’s regulations, standards, and safety requirements. Such dedication earned us the awards and recognitions of :-

  • ISO22000;2005 Certification – Food Safety Management System by SIRIM QAS and IQNet.
  • Mesti Certification – Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri by Ministry of Health
  • Halal Certification by Jakim.


Ice tubes are available in the following bag sizes:

  • Convenient store packaging (S)
  • Standard packaging (L)


We also provide service for renting of PVC boxes, size M 100 liters & size L 200 liters

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy it from major convenience stores or supermarkets near you. We also sell tube ice directly to our customers. Just fill in the form and our drivers will deliver the ice to your doorstep.

No, there aren’t any charges for ice delivery.

You can check our website, Contacts to locate our branches.  You can also call us to find out if we deliver to your area.

Ice should be clear in colour as well as odorless. When purchasing ice, look for bags that are properly sealed and secured. The bag should carry the manufacturer’s name and address. Always be wary of ice whose water source or manufacturing process you’re not familiar with or don’t recognize, and whenever possible make sure to choose Atlas Ice to ensure the best quality.

Yes. There is a minimum order of 3 bags of standard packaging (L).

Please visit the job section to find out more

Hygienic Ice

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